The Incredible Mr. Fox

Today I came home from work to find this amazing, wonderful gift. I’ve dreamt, no wait, lusted about this easel since October of last year when I saw it at a store that was going out of business. It is an Italian MABEF Easel. In the world of artists easel’s it is par w/ an Italian race car. It also retails for major kaching, between $750 – $900. During the close out they were selling it for $500 so I rushed home and told Mr. Fox all about the easel that I wanted so dearly and put it on my Christmas list as a pipe dream. I researched where they could be bought on line and furiously posted links on his Facebook Page calling him out, for all of his friends to see. But I believe in fate. And budgets. And neither were on my side.

But there was a tiny part of my heart that was a hold out.  2 weeks before Christmas Mr. Fox came home one day with a huge box. He told everyone not to look as he headed upstairs to our bedroom with it. I was so good – I didn’t peek once! Christmas Eve I watched him bring said giant wrapped box downstairs after all of the children were snug in their beds. It was the last gift placed as best as possible near the tree.

Christmas morning I watched anxiously as all opened their gifts. After kids were done I was presented with a flurry of thoughtful pleasantly wrapped gifts. The giant box waited. Then Mr. Fox opened his gifts. The giant box still waited. Mr. Fox got up and headed towards the giant box.

I closed my eyes and said a silent “Thank you!”.

“Liam! This is for you!” Mr. Fox said. “YES!” I yelled-whispered to myself, jumping from my seat as if I’d just won the final round of Jeopardy only to realize what words he’d just uttered.

I whispered to Mr. Fox: “What is it?”

“The full sized keyboard. Remember?” he replied looking at me as though I’d lost my mind.

And then I’d remembered that 8 year old Little Liberace’ lives in our house. Oh well.

2 months later…..

The other day I had a few spare minutes between work and picking kids up so I drove by the store to see if, maybe, just maybe, it was still there. The store was shuttered and locked. With hopeful heart, I cupped my hands around my eyes to block out the glare of the sun and peered through the dusty windows. It was still there! There was a note on the door to call Wayne, or Doug or somebody. He had a key to the store. So today I came home and found the easel waiting for me in the entry hall as a very early anniversary gift. 

Mr. Fox is awesome! #besthusbandever

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