Fancy Painted Liberace Chairs

I’m supposed to be getting our home ready to put on the market. On my to-do list is repairing window screens that between mad crazy squirrels and just plain crazy kids, quite a few need repaired. To do this I needed access to my dining room table to work on. To get to that I needed access to my dining room. This meant cleaning. And since the house is going on the market, it should be a thorough, meaningful cleaning and organization.

Today was the day. What does repairing screens have to do with Fancy Painted Chairs? I will be the 2nd person (Mr. Fox is the 1st) to confess that I stray in thought and then task when it comes to cleaning. I wander off into decorating, rearranging, crafting, painting and “Hey this buffet would work out sooooooooo much better if I moved it out of the mudroom, through the kitchen and back into the dining room, to which I will move my prized easel out of the dining room into the mudroom and……”.


I suddenly said to myself: “Hey! The mudroom would make the perfect spot for my studio! Why didn’t I think of that before? I’ll just move………” and so it goes on until The Fantastic Mr.Fox gets home from work, walks into the house and promptly leaves because nothing looks familiar to him and he thinks he has walked into the neighbors house.

See, squirrel.

I was supposed to tell you about Fancy Painted Chairs.

During one of my cleaning breaks (I adhere to a very strict clean for 15 or 30 minutes, take a set timed break, clean, break and so on) I looked around my dining room, my eyes landing on 2 wooden chairs that I’d painted blue a few years ago. I painted all of my dining room chairs varying shades of blue to sea-green from deep to pale. I had pulled the colors out of an old landscape lithograph that my mom gave to me. I never did care for the 2 deeper blue chairs but our boys really liked them and immediately claimed them as their dining room chairs. They weren’t really in the realm of my characteristically white, grey, robins egg blue and wood design approach but the boys liked them and I could live with them for awhile.


Well, a few months ago they gave me permission to repaint them.

As I attempted to reclaim my dining room amongst the disorder and disarray of life in an effort to fix my screens to sell my house, during one of my breaks I decided today would be the day that should repaint my dining room chairs. And I should surely hurry up to get it done before the impending 3PM storms hit that were being predicted. Of course now is the time, right in the middle of cleaning and organizing.

And so that is just what I did.

For some reason I’ve had golden chairs on my mind for many months now. And a glorious swan neck of a gold faucet in my kitchen too. But I love mismatched chairs and didn’t want gold matching ballroom chairs. And I don’t have money to spare. I tend to ‘inherit’ old wooden chairs that are given to us at our shop because people don’t want them? (How is that so by the way?! Doesn’t everyone herald the beauty of a spray can of paint and the endless possibilities that it has?!!!!). I also freely admit to picking up street corner chairs and buying them for a $1 at the local thrift store with my 25% of coupons. And my friends text me when they pass something interesting on a curb so that The Fantastic Mr. Fox can pick it up on his way home from work. I have some of the best friends!

I also wanted golden chairs to complement my over the top chandelier that I bought at a yard sale a few years ago for $10. Yep. You read that right. $10.00.


I didn’t take a ton of time to prep the chairs. These chairs have layers and layers of paint on each one of them. I also didn’t purposely age or distress the chairs since I’m keeping them for myself. If I were selling them than I would take the extra time to hand distress them, but I’ve found that the best distresser of painted furniture is life and children so I anticipate that in a few months these babies will show the history of blue and green and grey and white paint as gold chips off and they get dinged and dented as they get banged around. The gold paint will get rubbed back from little hands pushing and pulling the chairs in and out and around the house when they are being used to hold up blankets for makeshift indoor tents.  They will be stellar and I will be even more in love!

A couple of cans of this:


Sprayed onto these:


And ended up with this!

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