Craig’s List Lighting Haul

$50 for all of this glory today.

Not the dog – (there is no $ amount that could ever be put upon her!).

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for a chandelier like
this one for a few years now but didn’t need to ‘have‘. I have another one in my basement and I ideally I would have loved to have 2 of them in a kitchen someday. Not the kitchen that I currently hole up in, mind you. The only hope for this kitchen is to move.

I found this chandelier on CL the other day. I did a search under ‘crystal chandelier‘ to see if something like this would pop up. I’ve done this periodically every few months or so for about 3 years now. They are always way more than I want to spend, especially for something that I ‘don’t need‘ but just ‘desire‘.

Well, not only did this beauty pop up but along with it the lister was also selling a Victorian Ceiling mount fixture.

For $50!

In my Bombay Day’s we had a joke that “$50 Dollah, make you Hollah!”

And yes I did!

THAT was in my budget! And THAT ceiling mount fixture
was something that I needed!

For $50 they also threw in the cast iron Victorian ceiling mount fixture for our entry hall. The ceiling fixture was the driving force behind the purchase because I do need one for our entry (current bare bulb on wire) but couldn’t afford a lot. I also wanted something fitting w/ the architecture of our home. And did I mention a practically $0 budget? Rather than live with something half heartedly, I will always wait. And make the rest of the family suffer along with me until just the right thing presents itself at just the right time. This means that months, and often years can, and do, go by.

The lister also mentioned that he also had a few sconces but no pics. He said that they were ‘nothing much‘ but would throw them in too for the $50.

I, however, thought they might be wrong about the ‘nothing much‘ since they were pulling everything out of 1 Philadelphia city home that they were rehabbing.

I showed up this afternoon to get my goods.



Victorian Ceiling Mount.


And then they opened a garbage bag. I’m pretty sure I heard a choir of angels sing and a flood of light fill the room emanating from the opened garbage bag.

I expected maybe 2 or 3 old sconces, but inside, were 8, yes count them,
E-I-G-H-T beautiful golden antique sconces.

I have pined for sconces like this in a home.




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