Damn the torpedoes!  Full steam ahead!  Do or Die!  This is it!  No turning back!

Okay, I accidentally spent $212 on a blog/ website domain with one swift and irresponsible click of ‘Submit’, so baby here I am!  I’m going to figure this tech world out, stop talking about it and get it done!  It will involve a lot of failure which in turn yields a lot of learning.  There will likely be tears and a whole lot of frustration along the way but apparently, according to the terms of my contract, I have 3 years to figure this mess out. And no, I have no clue what I am doing.

But it’s my mess.  My mess to do with whatever I want as I figure it out, so bear with me.  I hope you’ll stick around and check back in once in awhile because I think there is something good to come.

  Don’t expect much now, but watch me grow and watch me learn, mistake by mistake, blunder by blunder, oversight by oversight as I cultivate this into something beautiful to me.

Here’s to 2015!

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